But a Dream: - 'The Origin'

We are Craig & Rose Arnel

The seed was sown after watching an ocean rowing documentary, all in Craig’s attempts of persuasion to embark on a sailing expedition around the world.  Inadvertently, Craig had created a dream, and I needed to make it reality.  As I told Craig of my desire, to enter the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, he looked at me and said, “You’re mad … but there is no way you are doing this without me.”  This was where it all began and questions of why suddenly began to fade.

Married for 12 years to date we have endured many challenges, individually and together. The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the greatest event we both will embark on, and excited to complete! Once completed, we will become the first Australian couple to have rowed the Atlantic Ocean, unsupported, as well as the first married couple in the World!

Our chosen charity, Solider On, strives to deliver a range of services and support emphasizing the importance in helping others overcome barriers and build value of life. By completing the Talisker Atlantic Challenge we aim to build awareness of Soldier On’s ongoing support to service personnel and family members.

Craig, a Mechanical Design Engineer, has a long line of personal and professional sporting triumphs achieved throughout the last 25 years. In addition to his commitment to the Australian Defence Reserves, Craig has developed his professional career from: large and small scale automotive design and manufacturing; Defence resources manufacturing; and HVAC design.

Rose, a Business Marketing graduate, delved into multiple sporting ventures achieving success, both personally and professionally. Rose has developed a career in numerous industries within the business sector, when her commitment to their family became priority.

Rose Arnel

Rose scenery.jpg

Age:      38 (celebrating my 40th out on the Atlantic Ocean!)

Height:  163 cm (perfect fit for a small cabin)

Achievements/Interests: Go-karting; Kayaking; Triathlons; Trail running; Half marathons

I committed to this challenge to test and extend my strength and resilience. To eat, live, breath and row across the ocean for 50+ days! My perspective on life began to change during my last pregnancy when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was faced with challenges I never imagined my family would have to experience.  Stronger as a result, I have come to appreciate the capabilities of mind and body. I look forward to pushing my limits, to see just how far I can go. Completing this challenge will be an accomplishment I hope will inspire others to overcome their own barriers to fulfill their dreams.

Craig Arnel

Craig steering.jpg

Age:       39

Height:   169.5 cm (yes the 0.5 does matter!)

Achievements: Murray to Moyne cycle relay 530Kms under 24hrs…3 times (who goes back for more!); Multiple motor racing awards; Multiple cycling awards; Olympic torch Run in 2000

All in all if you couldn’t guess I love a challenge with a touch of adrenaline. I know this is a bit slower than i’m used to but I’m betting the adrenaline is right up there!

You’re mad is generally the comment I get….my response it wasn’t my idea it was my wife’s! But there’s no way I’m missing out on this!

So Why? Well I’m the kind of person if someone offered me a ride to Mars I’d say hell yes! Scares the hell out of me, but excites me at the same time. You know the journey will be tough but the reward and ability to reflect is so much sweeter. Plus bragging rights with your mates couldn’t be more fun.

So will you be married at the end? We’ve been through some big ups and downs but we’ve always found the more time we spend together the stronger our relationship grows.

What will help you get through it? Being able to laugh at things when they go wrong and they will. If you let the problem consume you, you’ll never resolve it. Better to be optimistic than pessimistic.