'Boar Tru'

meaning:- ‘to push through’

Built for the 2018 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, by Rannoch Adventure, ‘Boar Tru’, an R15 model, is our boat of choice for the 2020 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. 

Throughout the challenge ‘Boar Tru’ will become our home, our sleeping quarters, our kitchen, our bathroom, our mode of transport, and, importantly, our safety-net. So we best make sure it's a good one!

Images and more details to come…



  • On board water maker turning seawater into fresh water. With a manual back up

  • ‘Dunny bucket‘ Whilst on the boat our toilet will consist of a bucket, yes that's right a bucket!

  • 3 sets of Oars, 1 set extra just in case

  • Consisting of two cabins either end of the boat; one designated for sleeping and the other for storage.

  • Para anchor

  • life raft

  • Jet Boil cooker

  • GPS Navigation system

Some Tech data for those tech-heads:

  • LOA 23ft

  • Beam

  • Weight 250Kg

  • Length 8m

  • Draft 1ft

  • Built to Survey

Boat Capture.PNG