Our Boat... ready for 2020!

We are now the proud owner’s of a Rannoch R15 which will become our knew home in a little over 18 months! We are extremely excited and nervous as the realism starts to sink in. We cannot wait to meet the boat in person and take it out for a row!

Photos of our tiny home to come…

We found a boat!

Boat Capture.PNG

In April we have sourced a second-hand boat, which completed the 2018 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge and now holds a World Record for the fastest female pair to complete the crossing. What a daunting process! Purchasing a boat we cannot inspect, a huge financial investment and on the opposite side of the world. However, coincidentally we were avid dot watchers (YB Races app) of Whale of a Time, which made the process easier as we knew the boats performance. The team at Rannoch have been more than helpful and have definitely gone over and above without question.

Boat progress

During the month of March Craig made contact with a few different ocean rowing boat designers/builders.  We knew so little but all part of the journey.  Everyone has been very helpful.  Being in Australia the logistics and cost has a great impact on feasibility.  We are keeping an eye on second-hand boats used in a previous Talisker Whisky challenge, as most are still in great condition plus come with some or most of the mandatory gear and equipment required for the event.  Keep posted for boat updates!

Registering our Interest for 2020!

sign post.jpg

In Feb 2019 we registered our interest in the undertaking the Taliskey Whisky Atlantic Challenge.  I felt excited but anxious, exhilarated but despondent, 5 months previously we had never heard of this challenge but soon became all we thought and talked about.

Craig and I watched a documentary ‘Losing Sight of Shore’, in his attempts to convince me we could safely sail the world with our kids.  However, the documentary impacted me in a different way, leaving a deep and stubborn mark, one I could not ignore.  I researched the women who participated in the row and then further into ocean rowing.  I additionally, came across a podcast featuring Debra Searle and it came to my attention that the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is open for anyone to attempt.  After a few weeks of watching the documentary I told Craig of the challenge and dropped the bomb.  Craig’s response, “You’re mad”.  After a week of research Craig came to me and said “OK. You’re not doing this without me”…