Registering our Interest for 2020!

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In Feb 2019 we registered our interest in the undertaking the Taliskey Whisky Atlantic Challenge.  I felt excited but anxious, exhilarated but despondent, 5 months previously we had never heard of this challenge but soon became all we thought and talked about.

Craig and I watched a documentary ‘Losing Sight of Shore’, in his attempts to convince me we could safely sail the world with our kids.  However, the documentary impacted me in a different way, leaving a deep and stubborn mark, one I could not ignore.  I researched the women who participated in the row and then further into ocean rowing.  I additionally, came across a podcast featuring Debra Searle and it came to my attention that the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is open for anyone to attempt.  After a few weeks of watching the documentary I told Craig of the challenge and dropped the bomb.  Craig’s response, “You’re mad”.  After a week of research Craig came to me and said “OK. You’re not doing this without me”…